Byntze 1318

We will take you on a trip to the world of exquisite gin, cocktails and longdrinks. And, of course, every beer connoisseur and wine lover is the right thing. Here you will find the perfect setting for a delicious drink and the small hunger ... and much more. We have a small but fine selection of different snacks for you.

Our Byntze 1318 is also suitable for cozy evenings with sportive entertainment in the Sky program.

In addition, the smoker can still be smokers with us. In our exclusive smoking area you can enjoy a cocktail or a whiskey for a cigar.

Cocktail to go! On all Caribbean cocktails & fancy drinks 20%

Opening hours

Peak season Sunday to Thursday

Friday and Saturday
03:00 pm - midnight

03:00 pm – 01:00 am
Low season Sunday to Tuesday

Wednesday and Thursday

Friday and Saturday
07:30 pm - midnight

03:00 pm - midnight

05:30 pm - midnight