The history of the hotel

Originally built in 1908 and 1910, the hotel "Villa Zeppelin" and "Villa Odin" - both houses of the first rank (with water pipes and electric light, as well as kitchens). Due to the expropriation of the owners, the "Villa Zeppelin" came into the hands of the municipality after the Second World War and was transferred to the GDR national property. In the following years, the house served the steelworks and rolling mills Riesa as a working holiday home.

Since 2010, large parts of the public areas such as the lobby, hotel bar and the hotel lounge have been given a new lease of life.

As an extension, in 1955, a new building with 4 floors was built on the wall with the "Villa Zeppelin". In 1990, Treuhand took over the sale of the property. The award was won by the young hotelier Gunter Preussker in 1993.

This was followed by major renovations and the re-opening of the hotel as a hotel "Vier Jahreszeiten Binz" with 56 rooms, the "Le Gourmet" restaurant and breakfast room. In 1995 the hotel received a swimming pool, sauna, steam bath and a fitness room.

1998 after long negotiations the acquisition of the "Villa Odin" located beside the hotel succeeded. Both houses were connected by a one-storey intermediate building, which today houses the today's gourmet restaurant "Freutstil" and the restaurant "Canteen", both operated by the star cook Ralf Haug. The number of rooms increased to 79 rooms and suites.

The old hall building was destroyed in 2001 by the demolition pear and was replaced by a four-storey new building. This includes the "Orangerie" breakfast restaurant, as well as the 730 square meter spa area.

Since 2010 large parts of the public areas such as the lobby, hotel bar and the hotel lounge have shone in new splendor.

The highlight of the hotel is also the noble pleasure lounge "Byntze 1318" since 2010, with a focus on special wines and creative cocktails. A fireplace room invites you to linger.