Sauna area

Refill all your energy - enjoy an invigorating sauna. Our Sauna area consists of high-quality themed saunas from Klafs.

We have a Finnish dry sauna with fireplace, a sanarium with body shaping and light therapy, a square steam bath, a steam bath with cubic shapes and a glass steam bath: glass plates which offer a special comfort and beautiful light effects.

All saunas and steam baths have a very high-quality dosage system for pleasant infusions. We offer you, in the season, a lovely selection of aromas and fragrances.

After a long sauna session, a sufficient rest period should be observed. Our relaxation rooms invite you to relax and unwind. Please note that in the quiet room 1 (see floor plan) there is strict rest, so that even a small nap after the sauna session can be held.

Opening hours

Sauna area daily 10:00 am to 10:00 pm *
Families daily until 03:00 pm, parents can share with their children the sauna area
Spa treatments daily 09:00 am to 08:00 pm

* During the summer months, the opening hours of the sauna area may vary due to the good weather.